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ProDoo enables independent professionals all over the world.

This is the ideal place whether you're a freelancer seeking opportunities or an employer in search of top talent for your organization.
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What's in it for you?

We are all about creating value for being an iPro (Independent Professional) or a Recruiter in a workplace. Do any of these benefits appeal to you?

Looking for resources

looking for resources
I can find some ideal candidates for your job posting if you want? Copy and paste in the box and I will find a good match.

Prodoo Mobile Apps.

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Heads up

Mobile application for Hiring Manager(s) to manage shortlisted candidates, opportunities and saved searches.


This application allows Hiring Manager(s) to review the timelogs submitted by Tictell from iPro and release the payment accordingly.
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Phillip (Hiring Manager)

Virtual assistant to help in job posting and getting right candidate and send invitation itself.


Next step does Resume analysis with AI tools and suggest job roles, skills with market based salary range.


TicTell helps the iPro track time and expenses and get an instant overview of earnings and how to plan your working hours for all active collaborations.
Phillip (iPro)image

Phillip (iPro)

On the other end Phillip import iPro resume from docx/pdf file and get the right job.

How does ProDoo works?

Once you’ve signed up on the website, you will gain access to your dashboard. If you’re a freelancer, you can utilize the iPro variant on the portal.

About ProDoo

robertRobert Kinnerfelt - CEOrobert@prodoo.com
henrikHenrik Haugaard - CFOhenrik@prodoo.com
Prodoo was created to streamline the recruitment process for both freelancers (iPros) and organizations (Searchers). The AI implemented includes a variation of analytical techniques that make it simpler for both parties to find the best opportunity. Prodoo is an effective recruitment platform that combines the potential development of individuals with the prospective growth of companies. Typically, the match is made based on early experiences followed by an assessment of compatibility. This process is overseen by Prodoo. The aim of Prodoo is to make appropriate use of the labour market. Our services utilize the details available and render traditional CVs futile. Instead, we tap into professional profiles, which consist of market statistics. These are used to determine how the iPro’s profile can be adapted to the needs that may arise in the future. This system also allows the independent worker to find a direction where they can achieve success.

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